Fia Motorsport Games

Held from 26-30 October 2022, the FIA Motorsport Games were organised with the aim to comply with the requirements of the highest level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme.

2022 FIA Motorsport Games’ estimated footprint is 2,134.3 CO2e. Breakdown per category can be found below*:

2022 FIA Motorsport Games’ estimated footprint


Event Operations

Emissions associated with the track activities including tracks’ electricity/energy use, on site generators, waste, food and beverage, circuit owned vehicles, and the running of event cars



Emissions associated with all road, air and sea logistics by all relevant parties including the movement of equipment for the event & the racing disciplines, broadcasters, caters and other key suppliers/partners


Event operations, car

Emissions associated with the running of the race cars


Travel and accomodation

Emissions associated with air and land travel, including hotel stays, for all members employees of SRO & FIA, all atheles, ASN members and all suppliers and partners

* Not included in the FIA carbon footprint estimation presented in section 1. 

Venues selected for the FIA Motorsport Games have demonstrated evidence of environmental best practice:

  • Circuit Paul Ricard: the circuit is 3-star accredited as part of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme, use of photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery, extensive waste management infrastructure in place 
  • Autocross Veynois: circuit’s infrastructure is primarily made of recycled materials, digital notice board and waste management in place, wooden trophies produced locally, water stations set in paddock

Additional actions have been implemented at all venues:

  • Single use plastic ban accords and all signage produced with sustainable materials
  • Environmental policy distributed to all suppliers and stakeholders
  • Use of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel for generators
  • Cooperation with local suppliers to limit transportation impact
  • Environmental guidelines distributed to athletes and national delegations
  • 100% offset of residual emissions 

Download the Complete Report as a PDF

If you would like to read the entire report in PDF format, you can easily download the file below. 

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