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FIA Championship series will run on clean energy by 2026, with subsequent series already having it in place in 2022: Formula E, WRC, WEC, World RX, ETRC, ETCR


Introduction of recycled carbon and linen representing almost 10% of the total weight of the bodywork*: Formula E


  •  Tyre warmers to be removed from all championships by 2024**
  • ETRC goodyear retreads racing tyres for on-road use
  • The following series have included >20% of sustainable components (e.g natural rubber and recycled fibres) in their tyres: Formula1, Formula E, WRC, World RX, WEC, ETRC


  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle approach: Formula E
  • Reduce: 25% smaller, lighter (compared to Gen2)
  • Reuse: built in 2nd life capability for all components, traceability with state of heath monitoring allowing reuse of cells
  • Recycle: closed loop for battery cooling fluid, materials selected for ability to be recycled


*The reduction potential of recycled carbon fibre and linen is estimated at more than 80% (depending on the end-of-life treatment) compared to carbon.
** Pending confirmation from the FIA Technical Department

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