Grants Programme

Sport Grant Programme

Dedicated to motor sport development, the FIA Sport Grant Programme works with Sport Members to strengthen motor sport activities and to achieve sustainable growth of motor sport. The social responsibility area, intended to fund ASN projects related to campaigns, advocacy and social responsibility programmes, including Environmental Sustainability, is one of the funding pillars of the programme. In this field, in the 2021-2022 call for applications, we selected the following projects that were funded in 2022:

  • Sweden, SBF: Motorsport arenas – a primary condition for biodiversity 
  • UK, MSUK: Development of a tool to measure the carbon footprint of events for the UK Clubs
  • Georgia, GASF: Development of an environmental policy on collection and management of hazardous waste.
Sustainable Mobility Programme 

In 2022 the FIA Sustainable Mobility Programme has introduced a call for applications component and empowered Member Clubs with additional opportunities to undertake impactful initiatives in the area of sustainable mobility. The FIA Secretariat provided some key topics for the year such as CO2 footprint management and transport decarbonisation, however, any sustainable mobility project was still welcome as it was the first edition. Two streams were opened: advocacy and innovation. The advocacy projects are small projects aiming to raise awareness and strengthen the Club’s position as a leader in the area of sustainable mobility. Innovation projects are large scale, ground-breaking projects focusing on a specific technology or methodology meant to promote sustainable mobility technologies, services, or broader solutions. 

We are supporting 7 advocacy projects and 4 innovation projects: 

Advocacy projects: 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIHAMK: Let’s Drive Green! 
  • Croatia HAK: 1st Croatian Survey of Attitudes about electric vehicles
  • Guatemala ACG: Clean Mobility in Guatemala 
  • Hungary MAK: EcoMobility 2022 
  • Nigeria ATCN: Applying extended producer responsibility (EPR) principles to automotive waste: emphasis on spent tyres
  • Uzbekistan NACU: Development of Legislation on Used vehicles tyres management in Uzbekistan
  • Uruguay ACU: Electric Vehicle Forum 
Innovation projects: 
  • Austria, OAMTC: Emission reduction through modern roadworthiness testing – accessibility of the relevant OBD data and verification of the CO2 and NOx ratio 
  • Canada, CAA: Amplifying the EV consumer experience
  • Chile, ACCHI: Efficient and safe charging training for electric bus drivers of the RED system in the Metropolitan Region
  • Ecuador, ANETA: Supporting the transition to low carbon mobility in Ecuador

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