Climate Action Award

The FIA President’s Awards were launched in September 2022 to honour and celebrate the FIA Member Clubs whose commitment brings positive change to the FIA community and society at large.

As part of this new programme, the FIA President’s Climate Action Award aims to acknowledge innovative solutions, mitigation measures and bold actions that can help Club members and the wider community to tackle environmental challenges. Apart from the public recognition of the work carried out by FIA Member Clubs, the award is also meant to act as a catalyst for other initiatives around the world, uniting Member Clubs in a collective movement that will spark innovative ideas, inspire the FIA community and change mindsets.

The FIA received 10 applications from ASNs, ACNs and Mobility Clubs located in the South American, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and European regions.


Royal Automobile Club of Jordan


Investment in a 7,000 m2 photovoltaic power plant

To reduce its dependency on fossil fuel, the Royal Automobile Club of Jordan (RACJ) has decided to install a 7,000 m2 photovoltaic station with an electrical generation capability of up to 1.2 megawatt. The station covers the electricity needs of the Club in most seasons and helps reduce the load on Jordan’s electric grid as the electricity it produces is directly distributed to the Club’s appliances or redistributed to the National Electric company. The project has allowed the RACJ to cut operating costs, save money and reallocate it to other needed improvements, services and awareness projects. It will also provide enough electric power for the new RACJ’s electric Karting track project.

The project was chosen by the Awards’ jury and the FIA President for its high level of replicability by any other organisation regardless of its activities, and for the very simple, straightforward message that it sends. The Club’s annual electricity bill has decreased by 75% on average and the initial investment is expected to be paid off within five years. This is a perfect example of a sustainable investment that brings tangible outcomes, allowing the Club to reallocate money to other needed projects and to power the new electric Karting track. 

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