Since 2021 we have been developing trainings to build capacity and provide our Members with knowledge on climate action and key insights to overcome current environmental challenges.

In 2022, we decided to go further and deliver more customised support and launched a pilot project: the “FIA Environmental Seminar” that consists in a two-day on-site event. The first seminar took place in Rabat, Morocco in October 2022. The seminar aimed to provide Members with fundamental knowledge and tools to address key environmental topics within their organisation and events management. It was designed to exchange ideas and share good practices among Sport & Mobility Members during interactive workshops.

This pilot project resulted in strengthened engagement of participating Members in terms of environmental sustainability and in them starting their environmental accreditation process. The FIA now plans to conduct this training in all the regions, with the aim of organising two to three seminars per region from 2023 onwards.

Picture: FIA environmental Seminar in Morocco 12-13 October 2022

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