A set of 50 objectives across four spheres of responsibility have been defined. They focus on three strategic goals:

Accelerate net-zero transformation

Foster sustainable & innovative solutions

Drive sustainable change

  • Accelerate net-zero transformation: enhance efforts in supporting Members and stakeholders in climate transition,
  • Foster sustainable & innovative solutions: maintain the image of entity raising awareness and guiding on sustainable innovative solutions,
  • Drive sustainable change: work with stakeholders to guide them in improving environmental sustainability. 

A first report has been published in June 2022, detailing the progress made since the adoption of the strategy. This second report describes the actions taken in 2022 and the progress made towards the next target date, 2025.

The FIA has made great efforts within its own activities and has supported all its stakeholders in their transition since the adoption of the strategy. However, it is important to highlight that the FIA’s approach is likely to evolve through periodic reviews and assessments of progress. A review and any possible adaptations will be envisaged for 2023 in order to ensure coherence and efficiency in tackling sustainability challenges, an endeavour that must rely on an integrative and flexible approach to succeed.

Status report

Out of the 21 objectives set for 2021, 17 have been fully achieved, 1 partially achieved and 3 postponed to 2022. The following table provides details on the progress made towards achieving the postponed objectives.

From 2022, the FIA aims to further strengthen the implementation of the Environmental Strategy by setting a roadmap for achievement of 2025 goals. It will also seek to continue to deliver high quality and comprehensive support to Members on environment and sustainability topics to reinforce their capacities in this area.


Download the Complete Report as a PDF

If you would like to read the entire report in PDF format, you can easily download the file below. 

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