This second environmental report is an important part of our goal to increase transparency and accountability as it gives an overview of our internal and external activity with our Members and our championships. In 2022, we have continued to roll out our Environmental strategy. We have increased the number of Clubs accredited to our gold-standard scheme and we are on track to have all of our championships powered by sustainable energies by 2026. I was also proud to introduce the FIA President’s Awards which highlight the very best sustainability work of our Clubs.

The rise of activities last year, strong prospects and ambitions for future growth, and the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, have shaped new challenges for our Federation. We know that we must strengthen our sustainability efforts to positively contribute to the global response to climate change, ensuring that mobility and motor sport are a key part of the solution. I invite you to read the report, and I would like to thank the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission, our Clubs, and our championships for all their efforts.

Mohammed Ben SulayemFIA President

One of our primary responsibilities is to reduce our own environmental impact and to continuously increase our performance by implementing the best solutions available to us.

As part of our wider drive to reform our Federation, we are examining ways to improve our sustainability, showcase our research and innovation, and create impactful partnerships. We will continue to ensure that environmental sustainability and decarbonisation are an integral part of our model.

Natalie RobynFIA Chief Executive Officer

In the context of the increasingly urgent need of rapid and significant CO2 emissions reduction, our fundamental objectives have become more relevant and valuable for a common global endeavor. 

We want to enhance efforts in encouraging and supporting all our stakeholders – championships, Motor Sport and Mobility Clubs, drivers, fans, sponsors, suppliers – in their climate transition. To this end, the FIA will go further using its global outreach to strengthen its climate leadership in sport and embark the motor sport and mobility ecosystems into a low carbon future.

Felipe CalderónFIA Environment & Sustainability Commission President

Download the Complete Report as a PDF

If you would like to read the entire report in PDF format, you can easily download the file below. 

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