The FIA is committed to accelerate transformation by advocating for global sustainability action through actively participating in relevant climate policy related forums.

In the following section, we outline several of the events, achievements and awards testifying FIA’s commitment and role in setting the global sustainability agenda for the future.


22 APRIL  2022 – IOC Carbon Action Award

In April 2022 the FIA was selected as one of the 20 organisations that won the IOC Carbon Action Awards for its efforts to reduce GHG emissions. The IOC recognised the FIA’s carbon reduction plan to cut its carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement and the implementation of an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001:2015 standard.



The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the world’s largest gathering of transport ministers and the premier global transport policy event. In its 2022 edition, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem joined a panel discussion in which he explained how the FIA can contribute to an affordable and green mobility thanks to its network of Clubs representing 80 million road users around the world and its strong connection with car manufacturers. 


30 JULY 2022 – Formula E Innovation Summit – London 

Change. Accelerated.Live Summit brought together experts from motor sport, sustainability, politics and education. The main theme centred on how leaders in the field of technology and sustainability are utilising the unique power of motor sport to drive innovation and contribute towards sustainable human progress. Robert Reid, FIA Deputy President for Sport, was joined by a panel which included David Richards, Chairman of Motorsport UK, to provide insights on the role Formula E is playing in accelerating the transfer of technology. from the track to the road 


5 OCTOBER 2022 – Sport Positive Summit – London 

The Sport Positive Summit brought together sports stakeholders from all over the world to support the acceleration of positive climate action and ambition, to safeguard the future of global sport. The summit provided an opportunity for motor sport to share its progress with other sports. Barbara Silva, FIA Social Responsibility Managed, discussed the sustainable energies roadmap of the FIA and how the federation aims to use its role as the governing body of motor sport to bring positive change. 


5 OCTOBER 2022 – UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework – LONDON 

Signatories of the Sports for Climate Action gathered in London in order to share their progress to date and discuss the direction for the future. The FIA, signatory since 2020, discussed opportunities and needs for sport to support the key goals of the Paris Agreement as well as how to leverage the power of sport to inspire change. 


10 NOVEMBER 2022 –UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) – SHARM-EL-SHEIKH 

In November, the FIA was the only sport federation represented at COP27, taking part in the UNFCCC sessions alongside Formula E and Envision Racing. The FIA reiterated its ambition to take a leadership role among sporting federations in the fight against global climate change and provide the framework to make this a reality.

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