As part of its strategic commitments, the FIA has set itself the objective of reducing emissions caused by the FIA’s own operations by 20% in 2025 and 50% in 2030 (compared with baseline year 2019). The following trajectory has been calculated using the Science-based Target Setting Tool, considering climate scenario aligned with a 1.5 degree increase in temperature.

FIA administration carbon trajectory 

To reduce our own emissions, concrete actions have been implemented in the last year, namely a new business travel policy (detailed in the previous report), measures to reduce energy consumption, sourcing of renewable electricity, and reduction of freight for FIA events. Reducing emissions resulting of our activities has been a constant concern for the FIA, therefore further efforts are being made to find other efficient solutions (such as an extended homeworking policy) to be implemented in the near future, in order to be back on track in terms of reductions needed to align with the Paris agreement target.

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