Environmental Accreditation

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme helps FIA stakeholders worldwide to measure and improve their environmental performance. It introduces clear and consistent environmental management and provides stakeholders with a framework against which to accredit their activities. The Environmental Accreditation Framework is based on best-practice environmental requirements and the leading roadmaps within environmental management that have been adapted to the FIA Member Clubs taking into account their specificities. 

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme offers three levels of certification, from basic to best practice, suitable for all stakeholders.

In line with the FIA Environmental Strategy the FIA strongly promotes the Programme among the FIA Members and supports them in achieving FIA Environmental Accreditation to at least 1* by 2025, and 3* by 2030 by reaching out to Clubs directly as well as through regional events. Throughout 2022 the FIA has continued to engage with the FIA Members and has supported three new clubs: ACCHI Chile, ACCR Costa Rica and ACU Uruguay. They all have 1 star, which is just a first step on their environmental journey and shows their commitment to improve and implement strong environmental practices.

In 2022 SBF Sweden has levelled-up and upgraded to 3-star, while AKK Finland, DMSB Germany, NBF Norway and EMSO United Arab Emirates have renewed their 3-star accreditations.

As of May 2023, a total of 27 Members have been accredited as part of the programme, out of which 11 received the highest 3-star level.



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