Sustainable Energies Roadmap Update

In 2021 the FIA and its relevant Commissions and stakeholders developed a roadmap for the transition of championships to sustainable energies for powering vehicles. This roadmap has been continually updated to ensure that all championships can run with clean energy by 2026.

In 2022, WRC was one of the first FIA World Championships to use a 100% sustainable fuel which allowed for a CO2 reduction of up to 94% (well to wheel). In the first year, it is estimated that a reduction of 512 tonnes of CO2 has been achieved compared to standard fuel*.

*Data provided by P1 Fuel
(1) In order for the fuel to be called Advanced Sustainable, it needs to be composed of at least 70% sustainable components.

Download the Complete Report as a PDF

If you would like to read the entire report in PDF format, you can easily download the file below. 

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